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October 2014
Ethopia Mission Trip

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October 2012
Ethopia Mission Trip


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What is the Mossy Foot Project?
The Mossy Foot Project is a faith-based Christian organization that works to raise the level of awareness of podoconiosis in the Western world and works toward its treatment and eradication among those who are at risk in Ethiopia.
Our work is presently centered in the town of Soddo, Wolaitta zone in southern Ethiopia and represents the only work of its kind in the country. We are recognized by the Ethiopian government as the only NGO in Ethiopia chartered with the mission to treat and eradicate podoconiosis. We provide medical treatment, education, vocational training and both social counseling and spiritual support to individuals and their families who are afflicted with podoconiosis.
Being a holistic ministry we believe in the need to provide care for both the physical and spiritual needs of individuals. Along with sharing the gift of physical care, training, and assistance to help families to establish a means for livelihood, we also offer social counseling and the opportunity for all who are interested to hear the message of hope offered by Jesus Christ and the transforming power that can result from following Him.
2010 Summer
Youth Mission Trip
to Antiqua, Guatemala